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Since Safe Mechanics – began over 18 years ago, we had another thought apart from making sure a customer’s car got safely onto the highway in Denver. It was all about putting the customer first, and to achieve this, we had to ensure the best customer service. 

The name spread, and after hiring the first member of the mobile mechanic crew, we hired another mobile mechanic, another soon followed. 

Today we use a team of mechanics, all highly qualified. Each one of them tries to ensure drivers in Denver  will be safe and is never kept waiting longer than necessary.


Our Clients loves us

A mobile mechanic will encounter plenty of challenges all day long, and since we work around the clock, 365 days a year, there is never any telling when drivers will call.

Irrespective of if, your vehicle is at home, at the side of the road or your workplace. You will find our mechanics arrive on time.

Every mobile mechanic from our company, is fully conversant with each brand and vehicle model. It would be impossible to establish a team of 19 vehicle mechanics who together have maintained and repaired 17,380 vehicles for customers, making us the best Mobile Mechanic in Denver, supporting Westside Neighborhood, Five Points, Vine Street Houses, Alamo Placita, Highland Park, Platt Park Neighborhood, Glendale, Ruby Hill, Olinger Gardens, University Park .

By saying no vehicle job is too large or too small, we mean it. Therefore, if you have a muscle car from bygone years, a massive 4×4, or a motor home that needs urgent maintenance, it doesn’t matter when you have the right mobile mechanic for the job.

Despite many companies having a fleet of technicians, we are confident that every mobile mechanic we put on the road; we conduct extensive checks to verify that we can trust them. All are of the highest quality, polished, and exceptionally well trained.

Going beyond that, we have broadened our range of support and coverage by adding a further mobile mechanic to our fleet to address more than just breakdown on the roadside. Vehicle breakdowns represent the bulk of calls from motorists who become immobilized.

To all the 8,120 satisfied customers who have entrusted a mobile mechanic with their vehicles, we are eternally grateful.

Maintenance Tune-Ups

Every person who owns a vehicle has to take care of it. What a vehicle appreciates is routine maintenance. It can be difficult, but it's unnecessary when you can easily arrange for a Saf Mechanic mobile mechanic.

A mobile mechanic with us can service your motor any time that's right for you. One mobile mechanic can take care of the following to change your vehicle from crawling to running fast and efficient. Ignition Systems: The most problematic areas are the ignition systems. Any mobile mechanic we send over may need to diagnose the engine servicing Westside Neighborhood, Five Points, Vine Street Houses, Alamo Placita, Highland Park, Platt Park Neighborhood, Glendale, Ruby Hill, Olinger Gardens, University Park

Plugs and Distributor Cap: Spark plugs can be changed as a matter of routine, and can be easily remedied because a mobile mechanic can spot issues with them by being watchful. A mobile mechanic thus has to be diligent. Rotors and distribution caps can be overlooked, and the mobile mechanic thinks it is the plugs.
Ignition Wires: Over time the wire casing dries and cracks, and eventually loses its connections. We have our automotive technicians performing extensive troubleshooting.

Air and Oil Filters: The filters exist to maintain a clean engine. A mobile mechanic can verify which ones are polluted. All you need is a simple exchange. The oil filters will take extra time; however, we can replace them, leaving your home free of oil, and dispose of the used oil.

Fluids: A change or top-up of fluids can keep your car running correctly. Battery: A drained battery either is a fast fix or requires replacement. In both cases, the only thing a mobile mechanic will need is the vehicle model and year for a replacement.

Fast repair

Here are general repairs, our mobile mechanic employees would perform.

Air Conditioning Repairs and Recharge Air conditioning systems inside your vehicle can be essential. Should yours fail, you will need a mobile mechanic in Denver and Westside Neighborhood, Five Points, Vine Street Houses, Alamo Placita, Highland Park, Platt Park Neighborhood, Glendale, Ruby Hill, Olinger Gardens, University Park. A mobile mechanic will look out for broken switches, compressors, and leaking vacuums, carry out charge tests, and recharge your air conditioning unit if needed.

Brake Replacement A car's brakes are essential. Therefore, if you ever see the warning light on your dashboard, don't forget to let us know so we can provide a mobile mechanic. He or she will exchange and test the brakes. A mobile mechanic from us will attend to your vehicle and check everything to do with your braking system, condition of brake pads, brake shoes, brake rotors, brake drums, master cylinders, and fluids.

Radiator Repair Cooling system malfunctions are the most frequent reason for breakdowns while on the road. A functioning cooling system is vital to the prolonged running of your engine. During the inspection, leaks can be very easy to spot or almost impossible, so our mobile mechanic will be riveted.

Car Diagnostic New vehicle engines run with the help of built-in computers. Each mobile mechanic drives a vehicle from Saf Mechanics complete with vehicle diagnostic equipment for swift and accurate results.

Starter Replacement A vehicle that doesn't start in the morning can be very annoying. Signs of a faulty unit include the engine not turning over, making a grinding noise as you turn the key, so what better time to give us a quick call. We can send a mobile mechanic; he can determine the problems and have the starter changed in a matter of minutes.

Pre-Purchase Car Inspection Use the services of a trusted mobile mechanic. You will not consider buying a new vehicle without the absolute best advice. Our fully qualified technicians will look over the prospective car with a fine toothcomb, and for every pre-purchase inspection we perform; we act as though it were a purchase of our own.

Other Repairs

All mobile mechanic crews from Denver, and Westside Neighborhood, Five Points, Vine Street Houses, Alamo Placita, Highland Park, Platt Park Neighborhood, Glendale, Ruby Hill, Olinger Gardens, University Park can explain how complicated vehicles have now become. These repairs here represent a small sample, and some of these are the easiest to fix. A mobile mechanic can come up with some very complicated things to fix.

Perhaps after a mobile mechanic examines your clutch and transmission, it is possible to have your vehicle off the road for the better part of the day. However, fortunately, he can handle any of the issues wherever you want; as if it was a real garage. We are fortunate that all the mobile mechanic crews we use are comfortable working on manual or automatic transmissions.

Belts in vehicle engines can be tricky to do yourself. You may notice water and fuel pumps running, and even though a pain when they fail, these are nothing to compare against your timing belt, which can be a substantial issue..

When you see your timing belt breaking, then we recommend stopping and not moving another inch, because you can seriously damage the motor to where it is irreparable.

Whenever you need to do anything on your automobile, be it repairs or service, it makes no difference.

The entire staff and each mobile mechanic at Safe Mechanics are happy to be of service to you. Anytime you need us, no matter where you are, or the time of day, you need help. Many of our customers are returning for maintenance and inspections. We pride ourselves on being experts in Denver, with an exceptional customer service and getting the job done right.

We have the best reputation as a mobile mechanic, and building upon the 8,120 satisfied customers we have cared for in the last 18 years.

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